Making use of all the natural elements that surround us, an elegant space was created in perfect balance with the environment around Moleiro. A space to relax and enjoy all 4 elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air, with the main goal of curing the soul.


Under the trees and the river sound was born the Moleiro´s Kitchen, with the main goal of complementing the experience of those who visit us. From our own soil, we get every product needed for our meals. Allied to the traditional wood oven, the flavours and aromas that are so characteristic of our region are created to offer its taster a little bit of our own genuineness.


Fruit of the natural resource that surrounds us, our external pool was born. Enjoy your stay while swimming on the waters supplied by the “River Mau”, with a view to the forest and vines.


Moleiro da Costa Má – Wellness & Spa is a family and we want those who visit us to feel part of it. For that, we created different activities, so everyone can join us. From making your own bread to picking fruits and plants, Moleiro is the ideal place to experience something new.